Ho there wanderer ūüßô. Welcome to my slice of the web where I express my digital self ūü§łūüĎ®‚ÄćūüöÄūüŹĄ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ, log experiences ūüíĺ and share knowledge ūüß∂.

Case study: Archiving an old multi-site WordPress instance

Let us make 2020 a year of empowerment and decentralization

Managing the Google Cloud Platform: On deprecation notices and pricing policies

Case study: Archiving web sites with wget and puppeteer

Why I switched from Ubuntu to Debian: Exiting the shopping mall

Confessions of a laptop window shopper

How to connect to a MySQL database server over SSL with Node.js

Nils printer e-post, eit påskeprosjekt

Sysadventures: Getting started with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

How to add the Highcharts Editor to Sanity, or how to insert an octagon shaped block into a hexagon shaped slot?

Ansible+Git: My search for a build server setup that can last years

Recipe: Wrapping the default input widget in Sanity CMS

How to create access tokens with domain-wide delegation in GSuite using Node.js

How to implement domain-wide delegation in GSuite using Node.js

Auth0 OpenID Connect compliant login: How to add app_metadata to id_token using custom claims?

What if you drew a map of the apps you visit?

Real Internet with Kodepoeten

Measure twice, code once: Hardcoding dangerous scripts

Debugging complex GraphQL queries with shortlinks to GraphiQL

Effective Hapi: Lessons learned leveraging the web-server framework

How to enable layout mode for Handlebars.js in Hapi.js

Slow days are nice

Hugo: How to add support for responsive images trough image processing and page bundles <3

How to build command line tools on shifting sands

mysql-parse og hamstr, to brukervennlege terminalprogram

Still alive, still social

Leaving Facebook

Spring cleaning code: Or deleting code that was actually important

How good code dies

Thunki er lagt ned og ei fin historie ligg igjen

Besting a time thief using Applescript

Craft CMS: How to persist logins in Redis between redeploys

E-commerce for alle penga

Talking code, breathing air

Ein introduksjon til NAV sine IT-systemer og IT-arkitektur

Getting wiser about Craft CMS caching (version 2.6)

Craft CMS, and the Need for Speed

Haskell, initial thoughts

Sysadventures: Switching from Android to iPhone

Film til folket

SysAdventures: 18 months of running my own mail server

git insticts

Blood as a debuggable data set

Lessons learned designing and redesigning an API

Let the junior handle it

Software is never done

Figuring out the error: ‚ÄúDetached entity passed to persist‚ÄĚ

Fight the fear of being in production

Commented code is a code smell

H√łrt p√• kj√łkkenet

Lenovo: Cancellation right

Investing in a keyboard

Current status: 1-day ‚Äúhomecation‚ÄĚ

Buss til Arboretet i Bergen

How to install ireport on Ubuntu

Why choosing a tech stack is about picking your battles

Sayonara Instagram

And then the day was over

Choice. The problem is choice.

Iceland: The arrival

Removing digital ceremony

Program for maintainability

Sysadventures: Escaping the Google (matrix)

Sysadventures: The one about desktop tweaking

How to learn web development

Sysadventures: Setting up mail-in-a-box

SysAdventures: The one about dual booting Windows and Linux

Tilbud til gr√ľnderar som saknar eit kontor

Community & programming: Some talks I’d like to share

Current status

Lederskap og frivillig arbeid: Tre råd

√Ö finne balansen i eit forhold

Meeting our first potential customers

Food comes to those who love doing a craft

$ gem uninstall hairball

Building presentation skills

Tips: Lag ein gjestekonto for powerpoint presentasjoner

Traveling to the Gathering and back: A nerd’s tale

Hvordan sette opp web server bak Altibox

EVE Online, realistic sci-fi war economics

Achieving an alternative to capitalism

Privacy is dead, long live privacy

How to build a thriving community

Those little lifehacks

Digital humanitarian work [seminar notes]

The big stories.

Current status

TEDxBergen impressions

sick week

Machine beauty: Organizing 88gb of photos

Current status: A postponed master thesis

Best of creative mornings

Kvite busser til Guantanamo?

Draum: Havanna Bergen

Entrepren√łrskap og LOTR, ein draum

Current status

Med klima på tanken(e), eit svar til Jarle.

Folk som tar til ordet [Videoer]

Forskningsbasert viljestyrke

Unngå overvåkning, tre tips

Den dekadente ytringsfrihets√łvelsen

Hacking Away a Sunday Night

The business party, a live action roleplaying event by Immaturus [Pictures]

A deed well done: Recovering some data

√Ö vere den ein er, i korte trekk

Konsulentrefleksjonar og statleg pengebruk

You don’t get to 11 million likes without a little friendly forcing

Mikael og Nils mimrer om sukkerpop

Gode steampunk vibber på Virtual Reality verksted

Invitasjon til medlem frå Spillmakerlauget til å teste LookingForGroup

App idea: Open file on tablet from computer remotely

Norwegian government and current hunger strikes in Guantanamo

My server revisited: Preparing for easter :)

For those who want to start a Pils & Programming

Booster2013 conference notes: On coding dojos & advice for student developers

Ein vellykka fagkritisk dag ‚Äď Informasjonsvitenskap 2013

Ein rask tanke: Mediekalender

Mikael og Nils synser om hipsterar

Late night sysadmin’in: Repurposing my old laptop to serve up my master’s project

Programutvikling som teaterproduksjon

I’m wondering if I should try and start a tech cooperative (eit teknologisk samvirke)

Livstilshacking: Korleis bli kvitt facebook reklame og skilje vener frå bekjente

How reading-understanding, information searching and critical reflection should be core curriculum

Radio: Kan ein ta seg råd til kultur- og humaniorafag i framtiden? Ja, det trur eg.

Pils & Programming b√łr utdanne produktlederar

‚ÄúMy name is Nils, I procrastinate.‚ÄĚ

A super yay for a super list of super dance videos. :)

DoingDo no. 1, bli ein e-post champ på 1,2,3

Some stuff I did, spring 2012

Masterliv: Har Facebook devaluert ordet ven?

Ide: Kva om SIB spelte SRIB?

Avspenningstimar hos SIB, o lykke! :)

Freebie: N√łkkelen til ein produktiv kvardag

L√łsningsforslag: Veit du kor mange informasjonskonsulentar som jobbar p√• UiB?

Forslag til l√łsning ‚Äď Rusavhengige og social gaming i Bergen

Masterliv: Ranting about where to upload my memories

Masterlife: √úberCute

Masterliv: Managing time & attention

Tidbits: To have a foundation, a cube, a starting point

Tidbits: A teaching generation

2012: √Öret der me gjekk lei av Facebook, og tok nettlivet seri√łst?

Masterliv: Tankar rundt eit kontantlaust samfunn

Masterliv: Sosialt påfyll

Å velga seg eit språk

Masterliv: Om produktivitet og sjakk

Class discussion of novel artifacts: Nekomimi ‚Äď Pure possibilities

Masterliv, inntrykk i frå fyrste månaden.

Då Stoltenberg tok ein Obama

Poverty came knocking

Nyanga ‚Äď 02

Nyanga ‚Äď First day

The undertaking

‚ÄúThis country is running away from responsibility like a headless chicken‚ÄĚ

Touching down in Cape Town

Sosialt entrepren√łrskap