How to build a thriving community

I’ve been researching how to build thriving communities. And I found four enlightning videos on the topic. All because Kompiler (Pils & Programmering) is great and has potential for even more.

A picture from the two-year anniversary of Kompiler which was last Friday.

  1. Adam Brault LXJS 2013. If you care about building a compassionate community this is an absolute must-see. The key takeaway for me was that a community should achieve greatness on its own terms. Brault warns against romantisizing Silicon Valley, and argues instead that we need to recognize a community’s potential for becoming something truly unique.

  2. Isaac Schlueter: Building Compassionate Communities in Tech. Here’s a very down-to-earth and even research-based take on community building. It covers how we should strive to interact with each other in a community in order to make it a compassionate community. A lot of great guidelines here.

  3. Isaac Schlueter: Leadership in Tech. Many great takeaways here as well, one of them being: “Empathy is a core engineering value.” Well said!

  4. Laura Thomson: Minimum Viable Bureaucracy. This talk is about leadership and community from the perspective of a large organization such as Mozilla. What’s the least amount of bureaucracy needed to support any organization?

I’d like to see Kompiler grow #

Kompiler (Pils & Programmering) has reached two years and I’d like to see it continue thriving for many years forward. And if we make small adjustments all the time I’m sure we’ll reach something really cool at the end.

I’m inviting every member of Kompiler to help achieve that. If you have ideas please drop by one Friday for Pils & Programmering. :)