Iceland: The arrival

Looking out from the airport express bus the landscape looked like some volcanic moon landscape. Beyond gray this landscape had been painted with plentiful dabs of rusty brown, pleasant blue, modest yellow and darkish gray.

After a short while we met Björn whom we were renting an airbnb apartment from. While driving he offered to make a detour and gave us a quick tour of Reykjavik.

From the little I have seen thus far Reykjavik seem quite interesting with its small downtown area surrounded by four lane roads.

The weather can be described as raw in a sense. Windy. Cold. Rough. Cold as stone. Rough as worn out asphalt.

After the economic crisis it did not seem like the government had decided to spare any funding for painting the roads. I will not spend any time recounting the full economic history of Iceland but you can have a look here in this article. In short, I would say that Iceland seem to be on the up and up economically. While many houses and the roads show clear signs of wear and tear there is also plenty of construction work showing that companies are definitely investing in a more hopeful future.

I feel as if I have not quite landed yet. It is almost like I fear that someone would blow my cover and reveal that I am not an Icelandic person. It is a totally irrational fear which I guess is just some form of minor social angst. Like I am afraid to be transgressing some unseen social norm. Anyhow. Irrational. I clearly have not been traveling enough lately. :)

Hmm. I need a vacation. Good thing this one is just getting started.