Those little lifehacks

For at least two semesters I’ve been having a silly network cable running out the door of my room preventing me from closing it properly. My stationary computer doesn’t have wi-fi but since my old laptop does have wi-fi I made it share its internet with my desktop.

Like so: Desktop computer <-cable-> laptop <-wi-fi-> internet

There we go! Here’s my laptop sharing its internet with my desktop pc. That. Cable. Looking forward to stowing it away and maybe tucking away the laptop.

Stats #

Some nerdy statistics made using this speed testing tool.

Desktop computer

  • Wired into router: 10.71mbit down / 661kbit up. Ping 16ms.
  • Wired into laptop: 9.05mbit down / 646kbit up. Ping 17ms.


  • Wireless: 7.88mbit down / 707kbit up. Ping 24ms.

Curious speed fluctuations aside, the overall result seems good. Good enough for playing Dota 2. ^_^