Some stuff I did, spring 2012

Tip: Why don’t you put on some warm tunes before reading on? :)

The temperature’s risen (somewhat) and I’m standing up to my waist in summer, and of “what to do’s.” Part of me feels like I’ve been jogging through the semester with my eyes fixed only a week ahead of me.

Got things done. Summer came around, and now I’m looking up. Even though I’ve only been taking one course, it’s been a busy semester. So, here’s a personal recap of sorts on what stuff I’ve been up to this semester:

Academic day of critical thinking (loosely translated from Norwegian). Yeah, so my institute called the institute of Information and Media Science has a student council in which I and two others were tasked with holding this Academic day. Funny enough there’s a day where all students are to take a day where they step away from the curriculum and take a critical look at the state of things themselves (yep it’s that broad). Me and my two teammates Sindre and Line knew it would be a challenge to get enough people to show up, and our worries were justified. Nevertheless, I think we pulled of a good and critical day. An overview in Norwegian of what talks we offered, maybe you could google translate it. :) We even got some media coverage, which was fun:

  • Studvest: Frafall på fagkritisk dag
  • BSTV: Lite tverrfaglig samarbeid

Pils & Programmering (link)**. **Not so much to say other than it’s been huffing and puffing steadily along all through semester, I’m proud of the fact that we’re a steady crowd coming to Kvarteret each Friday to hang out. Some drink beer, some program and some do both. Things to note of the semester that was:

  • That we got some awesome press coverage we got in Samviten, and the press coverage we received from the local student radio in relation to our 20 weeks anniversary.
  • The hacker talk on “penetration testing” which pulled a great crowd.
  • All the laughs we had (ref. plz e-mail me teh codes).

Troughout the semester I managed to end up in:

  • Sheffield
  • Syndin, on a cabin trip.
  • The Gathering 2012, at Vikingskipet. I’ve been meaning to upload stuff from here like forever.

Just like to mention some other things in passing:

  • Helped pull of a very nice poetry evening at Kvarteret, under the banner of the Student theater Immaturus (pictures), in which I’ve been the vice leader (full disclosure). :)
  • Other than performing poetry at Immaturus’s poetry evenings and Open Stage Evenings I performed some poetry at Prøverommet (1, 2) and Lille as the Prince of Poetry. So, I’m still alive and writing even though I don’t post as much these days.

Probably something I forgot. Anyhow. Summer’s upon me, and I have a bunch of stuff I’d like to do. Just need to start in one end. :)