Discussing software ethics on the podcast Greater Than Code

After I wrote about my talk Real Rebels Pay Their Taxes, I shared the post in various places including the Greater Than Code Slack community. Shortly after, the show producer Mandy Moore asked me if I would like to come on their podcast to discuss my talk. And I promptly accepted.

Here’s the link to the GTC podcast episode 201: Real Rebels Pay Their Taxes with Nils Norman Haukås.

Reflections #

This was the first time I’ve been interviewed on a podcast. I have followed the GTC podcast for quite some time. So, I was definitely a bit awe-struck by being invited on there. I mean, these panelists are smart folk whom I greatly respect.

Something that really helped me relax before coming on the show, was experiencing how well organised the GTC show is behind the scenes. Some weeks before the actual recording date I got an email with a checklist about how to prepare my microphone setup, some general advice and some pointers on the general workflow of recording the show.

All professional podcast shows edit the raw recordings and this show is no exception. During our conversation everyone had room for making meta-comments about the discussion or rephrase something they just said if they felt something didn’t come out just right. After recording the episode, they would edit out any long pauses, meta-comments, re-phrases and maybe even rearrange some parts. So, I’m definitely grateful to the producer for helping me sound great on the podcast.

All in all, this was an exciting experience. I’m very happy that I was able to share my thoughts on software ethics with even more people, and I hope that this conversation can spark even more conversations on this topic.