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Speaking of guilty pleasures. Here’s mine. Vocaloid, have you heard of it?

flikr: cc-by licensed, mikumin

In this post I provide a short explanation and a small collection of vocaloid videos that have English subs. In essence, Vocaloid are a breed of fully synthetic voice programs marketed as anime figures. Resulting in cyberdivas like Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka. Hatsune Miku is definitely the most popular one, and she has even been hosting concerts for some years now.

Here’s a video explaining the phenomenon.

Here’s a video from a live concert.

And here’s just a bunch of English subbed videos. :)

There are even metal versions (here’s a youtube playlist for an album called Hope). Apparantly some refer to the dark Hatsune Miku, as Hagane Miku.

Nice artstyle, though a bit intense. ^^;;

And here’s a beautiful story. :')

And here’s a three part story, quite touching. Very different art style, but still all about the same story. All these videos have been made by different people, all inspired by each other.

Here’s one revisiting the same story, but from another angle.

Wow. While I was searching the interwebs I found a whole other story featuring a lot of the vocaloid cast. ^^

And that was that. Time flew, but at least I’m left with a post I can share with people if I should ever need to explain what vocaloid is. :]