Lenovo: Cancellation right

Here’s how I was able to cancel my newly received Lenovo laptop through the cancellation right.

As you probably know firms within the European Union must respect a consumer law which grants the right to return most goods purchased online within fourteen days without any reason for it.

While Lenovo laptops are great I still became disappointed with mine because sacrifices had been made in its layout design to make space for the Norwegian characters æ, ø and å. I then found out that information on how to cancel this product was somewhat hard to find.

How to make use of the cancellation right #

  1. Have a look at the terms of services provided by Digital River Ireland Ltd. They are the authorized reseller and merchant for the Lenovo store. Here’s a pdf copy of their terms of sale: Digital River Online Store – Terms of Sale
  2. In their terms of sale you’ll find an e-mail address you can contact: cancellation_eu@digitalriver.com. After making contact with them stating that I wanted to use my cancellation right they were quick to reply with instructions on how to proceed with the cancellation returning the package and such and I got my money back.

All in all this was an okay consumer experience. I’m just writing this to ensure that people do know how to use their cancellation right if they do need to cancel a Lenovo product they’ve ordered online.