sick week

It’s been an eventful and unproductive-productive week. Just thought I’d try a recap.

Monday #

This was the day after realizing that I had come down with some cold. Still, went out dancing tango and westcoast swing.

Tuesday #

Canned ‘lapskaus' is just fantastic. Done in four minutes.

Indisposed. Walked around like a zombie while listening to podcasts. Eventually got well enough to play Dota 2, haha, which meant I was recovering somewhat.

Tuesday. Middle of the night. Sick. Decided I’d try some business modeling. Ridiculous.

Wednesday #

Indisposed pt 2. Teacher meeting about the course I’m tutoring. A friend suggested I’d play a game called Plague Inc. Felt very interesting to play a plague trying to eradicate humanity while coffing myself.

Thursday #

Sickness conquered. Started become productive again with the master thesis writing. I had decided I would stay at home writing. In the evening I partook in a stipend beer event for master students.

Friday #

Busy day. Managed to write for three hours before twelve. Then did some serious chores before hastily creating a presentation for an evening event called Friday Night Lightning. After giving what resulted in a good lecture on “waterfall done right” and “how to make money online” I went to a salsa evening in the same building.

Saturday #

Thankfully I had managed to awake well rested. Hastened to school where I ate breakfast and wrote down some poetry moving them from papers into my Evernote account. Thereafter I traveled with a friend to a TEDx event at Norges Handelshøgskole (a trip deserving its own blog post). After emerging from a day full of lectures I ate some food and swiftly went to a poetry evening organized by Immaturus. I moderated the event and read poetry three times.

Sunday #

People dancing at the BSI Dance group’s practice.

Spent three hours trying to get some form of video editing program to work but they all experienced some form of lag. Then I went dancing, then I went home. Slept. Woke up. Wondered. Danced some more. And danced some more. Before, on my way home running into a friend headed for a show. I joined in.

Conclusion #

Got sick. Got better. Wrote some. Just need to sit down and spend more time on it. Hopefully I’ll have a better story to report next weekend. :)