Tidbits: To have a foundation, a cube, a starting point

I was diving through Youtube videos yet again, and I stumbled upon a YT channel called califaces. Very cool project, which is about interviewing interesting people. And then I happened upon one of the videos, where a 23 year old homeless person was interviewed. A bright, educated person who wound up on the streets because he didn’t have parents nor a government to support him.

Video is three years old, so this guy is the same age as me. Moreover he’s got a degree in English literature, which shows in his profound words at the end. Roughly paraphrased: You need to have a cube of sorts, a foundation, a basic starting point to be able to do anything with your life.

__My first thought was that he should start teaching English to immigrants, but as mentioned that isn’t easy without that stable cube that includes stuff like food, shelter, clothes and internet.