Investing in a keyboard

I felt the previous wording (preserved at the bottom of this post) came of as too braggy. Rather than simply stating that I’ve bought a shiny new thing I would say that I’ve taken some of my income and invested in a keyboard that I’ve come to appreciate very much.

I didn’t take long before I started traveling to and from work with this keyboard in my laptop. Morever, I also started including a towel to have underneath the keyboard when I type to dampen the resonance from the keyboard case thus helping the enjoyable “thick” “thocks” of the typing stand out more. Call me crazy, but is actually quite enjoyable. Just listen to this.

There’s this research frenzy that often comes over me when considering buying something. I wind up thrawling miles and miles of reviews so that I’m really able to consider my options. In this case I surprised myself with a short time from researching mechanical keyboards to actually buying one. My goodness, I’ve spent a ton of time researching laptops before buying one that I ultimately returned it because I discovered that it wasn’t a big enough an improvement over my current laptop to justify its price. However with this keyboard I do feel that it does justify the investment. I mean I have and will spend countless hours typing, might as well make it sound and feel nice.

Old post: Just a super short post to say that the keyboard that I had ordered arrived in the mail the other day. The keyboard is a CM Storm NovaTouch TKL where TKL stands for “tenkeyless.” After I bought the keyboard I was all doubtful whether or not I should have been braver and bought something like a Vortex Pok3r. But that would have meant a lot of fiddling with the FN key to reach keys like the page up/down and arrow keys. Man what a great keyboard. It was costly but the feeling of typing on it is great. And that’s the reason this post was much longer than it needed to be. Cheerio. :)