How reading-understanding, information searching and critical reflection should be core curriculum

I discovered this short documentary today on how future learning should be put together. A lot of interesting thoughts. It’s time we had a learning revolution.

A youtuber wondered if someone could transcribe a portion of the video to English because she wanted to translate it to Arabic. Sure thing. :)

Transcription of 6:15 – 9:29 #

One of the principles of adult learning is that you should learn something when you have a reason to learn it.

Computer: “to begin connect us together”

We think that there’s a blurry line between play and learning and that there should be an even blurrier line between those two things.

When an learning experience is playful and exploration oriented it puts peoples' minds into a relaxed state where learning can happen, actually, the easiest.

I think the future of learning is to actually add a new dimension to learning. A new dimension of collaboration.

Collaborative classroom is a place where people can share ideas that they may not have felt comfortable sharing in class.

There is always some kids that they’re shy or they don’t want to raise their hand in class and when you’re told to it at home you can actually see their opinions and you get to know them as a person better.

Scientists recently told the world that Pluto is not a planet anymore but it’s gonna take literally a decade to remove that fact from the United States' science text books. With Connexions because anyone is able to improve on the materials and keep things up to date we can make that change in ten minutes rather than ten years.

We hope that what we’re doing. Is going to create a far more diverse group of University students. Because they will come to the University with just so much more self-directed knowledge. So much more passion and information about what they want to do. That’s the future.

Everyone in the education space, you know, is like, “does it work? Prove it,” you know. This that and the other. And they wanted you to go and prove it before you even put it out there.

Why would schools be so rigid if they didn’t need to be rigid? But when did they need to be rigid? If we look at history the answer stares at us. Education as we know it came from war.

I don’t know if it’s purely an industrial age type of thing, if it’s an Victorian era, the educated learned to supress, the suppression of natural insticts is part of becoming part of society.

The Victorians. The amazing Victorians produced an education system which would make us photo-copies of each other.

Being quiet and being submissive. I think that’s frankly the only thing that’s taught right now. It’s how do you be submissive. How do you sit patiently and be disengaged for an hour and take it.

How do you motivate a kid? How do you keep a kid engaged? How do you keep them interested? That is all psychology. When the gamers went and they created the best video games that ever existed, they didn’t sit down and say, “hey, you know, what is the cognitive science behind all of this?” They didn’t do that. They just did it. They created it. And now all the cognitive scientists are coming back and saying, “what did you do? Because that’s actually one of the most motivating engaging media we’ve ever seen.” And the video game programmers all said, “I just created something that I would want to play.”