Frog and Mouse on Centralized Services

As the frog and the mouse sailed past the centralized industrial behemoths, they fell silent for a spell.

These vessels loomed overhead, seeming all vast and inevitable, and their speakers blared “come aboard, come aboard! It’s easier than ever to create an account today! Click here to get started!”

Atop the bulk beings, blinding beacons beamed out into the wilderness, luring folks in from near and far.

“We really ought to have decentralized alternatives to these things”, the mouse reckoned while helming their small boat.

The frog mulled it over, and for a moment their forehead grew an impressive amount of thinking wrinkles.

Finally the frog said, “it’s not so easy to self-host I think. The people have all but forgotten how.”

“Ah, pish posh”, said the mouse and expanded their retort, “that’s what they would like you to think. It festers into a learned helplessness, and money in their bank. Are you a programmer or not?”

“Well. I do enjoy writing code,” said the frog somewhat heartened.

“Well then. Tinker, develop, learn, document, share. Which is the way of our people.” recounted the mouse.

“Indeed it is,” concurred the frog.

The mouse pointed to below deck, “please will you go below deck and scrounge up some small computers? Let’s see if we can get some decentralized services running.”

cartoon mouse steering a ship

Screenshot from Steamboat Willie. Public domain.