Masterliv: Managing time & attention

Sitting at Kvarteret, waiting for a jam session to start. And I’m at a loss for what to do. So, I’m just going to do this: Write something. Anything about my endeavours as of late.

CC-BY: Mark Hunter


Last semester I came up with the prospect of putting stuff on ice, parking ideas so that I would revisit them at some later date. I selected two-three overall goals for the semester, and whenever ideas cropped up (which they did) I would simply save them for later. Thankfully, this led me to never biting over too much. Regretfully I didn’t bite over enough, meaning I kept a steady pace which was too slow. Anyhow.

My latest invention, alongside putting Touch Calendar and Astrid To-do to good use, has been to designate to-do time and master-time (reading time). Hopefully this will prevent having time chewed up by Facebook and the like, enabling me to lend due diligence to my master thesis and not feel guilty when I spend time on other things. It’s not perfect, but a two days in I think I can say I’m alright. Regardles, I think I can safely say that evening working isn’t my forte at all! Aiming to do anything during the evening, just leaves me with a big let down. I need to schedule the really fun things for the evenings, or else I’ll just see it get drowned by Facebook (like it did yesterday).

Tasks, tasks, tasks. Did you know that playing games have been defined as “voluntary work that you choose to do?” (Among countless of other definitions.) Writing this was voluntary, perhaps not so entertaining for you dear reader. Or I don’t know, but it was still rewarding simply because I didn’t have to do it. :)