Food comes to those who love doing a craft

I’m building a business around my love for building things. It’s not without its perils and that’s when a certain movie quote cheers me up.

Read on, dear reader.

Lately my mind have been dancing about; cash-flow, budgets, marketing, market segments, potential customers etc. And that’s just the business side of things. On the competency side of things I’m currently honing my skills at Scala programming. I would also like to learn more about Angular.js, the Ionic Framework, CoreOS and digital marketing.

(Cue eighties training montage.)

Sometimes I have my doubts about spending all this time and energy on this budding business. All the things I want to learn sometimes just make it seem all the more more daunting. Yesterday was such a day. However, that is when I remembered a certain movie quote:

Gusteau: Remy, you are better than that. You are a cook! A cook makes! A thief takes. You are not a thief.

Remy: [wistfully] But I am hungry.

Gusteau: [chuckles] Food will come, Remy. Food always comes to those who love to cook.

~ Quoted from the movie Ratatouille.

“Food always comes to those who love to [insert your craft]” If you love your craft be it cooking, coding, drawing, selling, designing, film making and so on you’ll surely find a way to make ends meet. Hopefully even profit handsomely in the end. That’s why I’m building stuff to get better at building stuff. All the while remembering to share these moments with friends.