Talks given

I love to share knowledge and experiences. It’s the true test of whether you have mastered a subject, to see if you can lucidly communicate a given subject.

Real Rebels Pay Their Taxes #

Is it ethical to invest time into learning and using technologies from companies that pay little or no taxes? With this talk I aimed to unpack that question. Read more about that talk here.

How to get away with writing great code as an IT-consultant #

Life as an IT-consultant is often an uneasy negotation between time and code quality. In this talk I share all my best tricks gained from two years of juggling clients and codebases at Netlife Design.

The NAV stack for “non-navers” #

I’ve never worked at The Agency for Work and Wellfare (NAV). But I was so curious about its tech stack that I made this talk based on interviews. And blogged about it.

Minimum Viable Contract #

In this talk I argue that contracts are key to well-run good project. Bad contracts can certainly sabotage a project leaving behind frustrated developers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.