Current status: A postponed master thesis

Summer is at an end and students are streaming back into Bergen. There have also been some questions streaming in about my plans going forward, what’s up with my thesis and such? So, I thought I’d write a quick post about the status of my thesis and my plans for this semester.

Short story: I extended my thesis delivery and it feels great. New delivery date: As soon as possible.

Today I started my day by walking up Fløyen just to straighten up my back. I’m not 25 anymore, haha. And version 26 apparently needs to walk a lot or else my back will just feel all lousy. Bought breakfast on the way back and ate it at home before heading to the University. Heading to school, to work where I hammer away at my master thesis trello board.

Actually, I still like working on my thesis. Maybe it’s because I’m not slaving away at it enough. Or maybe it is because this life of diving into the wealth of existing knowledge relevant to my research critiquing, paraphrasing, wrestling, thinking, writing, rewriting feels meaningful somehow.

At least I feel privilieged for being allowed to keep on with this for another semester. I’ve mentioned to friends some times that I feel like a writer doing this. I have over 140 A4 sized pages so it is a small book in the making. And you may relax, the thesis is still in its growing phase. After I’m done with the theory chapter I’ll start chopping away at my findings.  And tightning everything up. The method chapter needs a proper reworking my supervisor told me, I agree.

Many ask me when I’ll be done. I’ll get done. As soon as possible but not before. I’ll savor this writerly academic phase.

Plans for the semester #

  • Just finish my thesis.
  • Walk and possibly train every day. Walk at least.
  • Start a consulting firm with my sister and  a cousin of mine. :)

Seems simple enough … The challenge here is that I also have which I would like to work on and a lot of dancing classes which I’d love to take. I love dancing. But perhaps I shouldn’t sign up for three dancing classes as I may be doing. Ah, decisions. Life’s great, it seems. :)