Community & programming: Some talks I’d like to share

Christmas is over and a significant portion of my time was spent poring over random talks on programming and community building. :) And here’s a few I would like to share.

So, there.

On community #

Reason for inclusion: I love the focus on community and especially on various ways one might give back to it. And it’s also simply well presented with nice home-made illustrations. Similarly, this following video advocate that people should take chance involving themselves in a community.

On programming #

Watch the video for an inspiring perspective on coding. This guy is damn near mythical in the Ruby community. He wrote a quirky book on Ruby as well as a bunch of open source software before deleting all his accounts and disappearing from the internet. Check out the back story: _Why: A Tale Of A Post-Modern Genius.

It’s been a while since I discovered this one. What I dig here is just how Fabbro argues that programming is not an in-born gift before describing a path to mastering programming which I can recognize myself on.

“Suggestion 7: Program a lot. Suggestion 8: Stop fucking programming sometimes. You need breaks.” ~ Angelina Fabbro"

Btw. Did you know that Kompiler has a youtube page? Here it is. I recommend this video on an over-engineered coffee weight.

It’s funny how some people are puzzled by the idea of uploading long lectures to the internet. They’d say something like, “why would anyone watch long videos on narrow subjects?” I would say that it’s important to take the time to upload content because that content might inspire someone across the globe or perhaps yourself even looking back in the future.

Hope you liked my picks. :)