Slow days are nice

It’s been a slow day. It wasn’t boring. Instead it felt like I was catching up to myself.

Be kind, unwind.

The view out my window.

The view from my couch. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

These past weeks working has been thrillingly busy at work. Yesterday was a Friday, and I grabbed a couple of cold ones with friends after work. On the way home I bought a frozen pizza, and wolfed it down upon returning home, whereupon I promptly dozed off on the couch. I awoke some hours later and surfed the web.

(Do people still say surfing the web? I think we should.)

I nipped on a glass of Twitter, smoked a little Hacker News before eating a bowl of Youtube. I ended up watching one of the newly released talks from JSConf EU 2018, Burn bright but don’t burn out by Patima Tantiprasut. It was a great talk. People need to rest, it’s common sense but sometimes we need to remind each other and ourselves.

When this weekend showed up I realised that I have been starting to feel a somewhat rushed and low on energy. My game plan for this weekend was to tuck my computer away and read a comic, maybe even a book. Honestly, I failed at keeping my paws of my computer but I did read that comic.

Picture of the comic, The Unwritten.

I was recommended this by a friend who works at a local comic book shop.

I started this Saturday with a breakfast, accompanied by a podcast in the background. I did the dishes and washed clothes. I drank coffee and chatted with friends elsewhere in Norway. I then read some more. In-between it all I watched some more JSConf talks, it’s like I had a super mellow mini conference today, just checking in whenever I felt like it and only watching out of curiosity not duty.

I think it was a wise choice to do this leisure stuff only for as long as it seemed interesting, and taking a break from any of it, if it started to feel like work. If the goal is to relax one can get very obsessed about reaching that goal, so obsessed that you wear yourself out instead and feel unaccomplished at the end. Yikes.

Towards the evening I longed for nature. So, after super slow period of packing I embarked up Ulriken. I didn’t go all the way up since it was a bit late in the day. I might go all the way tomorrow instead. “There’s no shame in turning around,” as the Norwegian saying goes. After coming home I feel asleep on the couch. I read a little more and watched another conference talk and ate supper. I then realised I would like to blog a bit.

I don’t know if this is the right way to relax, but I feel recharged, re-inspired and re-lit.:)