Sysadventures: Switching from Android to iPhone

I took the plunge and switched from Android to iPhone the other day. And with this post I just want to quickly jot down some of my experiences with this migration.

I had forgotten how untrained dictionaries can be

Over time you grow accustomed to your phone and in many ways it grows accustomed to you. This is especially true considering smartphone dictionaries. I’m a bit curious as to how other people cope with bad autocorrecting behavior.

When I booted up my iPhone I chose English as the main language because that makes it easier to google something if I ever run into an issue. But I got into trouble when the phone started autocorrecting Norwegian to English.

It’s really frustrating having to send an sms from a brand new phone and it keeps fighting you. Even though I enabled both Norwegian and English dictionaries I found that the Norwegian dictionary was somehow lacking quite a few words. Like, it would have “hei” but not “heisann”. I actually considered sending an sms in English just to be able to write a sane message quickly.

Some time later I thankfully remembered that I’ve been using Swiftkey for several years on my android phone. I ended up syncing Swiftkey to the cloud and installing it on my iPhone with my dictionary data. Voila! A well trained autocorrect setup on a brand new smart phone. Though sadly I still get a ton of red underlines even though the autocorrection has stopped fighting me.

SMS and contact data

For Android users coming to the Apple ecosystem there’s a service called Move to iOS. It allows you to transfer various data from an Android phone to an iPhone.

It failed me the first time I tried. Not sure why. It might have been because it was transferring a lot. Most of the data to transfer were very small except the photo library which was 16gb. The process would hang after a while and not proceed. It was also unclear whether or not I had been using a lot of mobile data. When setting up the transfer I ensured that both my Android and iPhone devices were on wi-fi. But when the process started up the iPhone would consistently switch to a mobile data connection. Suddently it becomes expensive to move 16gb of photos around.

I tried again later and skipped migrating photos because I could transfer the photos later in a different way. Successful migration! I thankfully got to transfer my sms history from my old phone to the new one.

Passwords and accounts

For my passwords I use KeePassX which is a password manager that manages a password vault file. I ensure that this vault file is synced across my devices including a small network attached storage (NAS).

Protip: Configure your email accounts on the smartphone early on. It’s a chore but also a great help. When I was installing and setting up applications by logging into services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Slack etc. I got quite a few warnings and confirmation requests over email.

And so it goes. I’ll probably write another post in the future to do a brief experience check-in some months later. :)